Online Video Tutorials to learn physics is a new approach to teaching and learning physics that uses attractive 3D settings for students in high school. While everyone is looking for a good explanation of physics, the primary goal of this site is to make things easy, accurate, practical as well as exciting for the student . More than 250 physics video tutorials have been carefully designed. Digital models, 3D Animations are suitable for children in Class 9 till 12. The mission is to promote a strong understanding of fundamentals, Concept Visualization, and practical experiments. All videos are self-learning type, and designed to be easy to absorb by students. It is expected that students’ self-confidence will increase significantly to handle physics, and become great engineers in future.

One of the challenges in teaching physics is to make it attractive and deep enough. There is a need to create sufficient interest in the subject. The 3D settings in this site are created to solve the first hurdle of how to imagine a concept, and the second hurdle of how to imagine the deeper theory, or even a solved problem scenario. Crystal clear explanations, minimum words, maximum pictures help to solve queries, and get self-confidence. None can deny that students face a huge syllabus and curriculum in front of them. Both quality and quantity need to be tackled by them at the same time. is currently ranked highly in google searches for physics tutorial videos for class 10 to 12. Students , tutors, parents have endorsed the overall benefits . Login now and experience “The Way Ahead”. As a “https” site, it has a Security Certification, and is safe to browse.

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