About KAD24

KAD24 Teknosolutions Private Limited was established in Feb 2017. We have been approved under the STARTUPINDIA scheme of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India. (certificate No. DIPP 84221) KAD24 has deployed for industry the experience of nearly 40 years in Automotive passenger car industry. We are proud to be an Engineering Supplier to Mercedes-Benz Research and Development. We have been a Technical Advisor to large Electric Vehicle company - Ola Electric Mobility.
We provide innovative ideas for EV's to companies. We have filed international Patent for Electric Vehicles using Renewable Energy modules that enables them to be nearly self-powered. This has the potential to revolutionize the EV sector for affordable electric vehicles. We provide advanced Training programs for companies to enhance EV technical awareness, covering specific areas of Vehicle level Design & Engineering, system level such as Battery and Traction Motors, Architecture, EMI/EMC, Vehicle Packaging, Safety, Crash Analysis, Charging Technologies, and Manufacturing lines.

We want to make Physics easy for everyone, and with easy financial access to students from various backgrounds. Our way of teaching physics is by using 3D Models and 3D Animations. Our site www.physicsmodels.in is a popular online content for high school students. Our YouTube channel has so far garnered over 11000 subscribers worldwide and 2 million views.

KAD24 has won Awards for Innovation. (click on Awards).

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