Product Visualization, e-learning, e-training for companies

Technical Product Visualization requirement of companies are met by kad24 services. Customized Software programs can be in-built to enhance user experience for benchmarking products.

Technical e-learning modules from kad24 helps companies to improve their capability by rampup of engineering workforce. Automotive /Engineering Tech Centres benefit the most. The content development for modules can be small or big, and is preferably done leveraging digital 3D models, 3D Animation and a vast technical knowledge knowledge base.

The e-learning and e-training content can be tailored for various purposes. Examples of end uses are: Process (workflow), New Product Design, Testing, and Engineering standards. 3D Animations, detailed technical explanations, photographs, drawings, opinions of experts, are added to make a module more impactful for different types of audiences inside a company. kad24 approaches each learning requirement with passion, leveraging long years of experience and knowledge of automotive and engineering industries.

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