Educational Site is a new physics e-learning site in the final stages of completion. The name indicates the extensive use of 3D digital models .These bring physics concepts alive and communicate to the reader the physical arrangement of various topics for a comprehensive understanding . The animations also help to grasp the experimental context. Creative use of animation technology and original 3D solid models through videos gives a unique flavour .The design of each course makes difficult topics easy as well as attractive to visualize. covers a vast curriculum of 45 to 47 chapters with sub-topics. The entire course is useful for high school curriculum (Class 9th till 12th Boards) or even pre-university.

The physics site is expected to be live in a few months before end-2016. It is expected to be a “must-see” for all those wanting to brush up their fundamentals in physics concepts.

Around 40 to 50 sample videos are currently available for viewing on youtube under kad24 , to give an initial flavour .

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